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Industry Current HVAC Approach

Cool the Worker… Not the Workspace.

Current Air Conditioning Approach:

INDUSTRIAL plants, warehouse, laboratories, nuclear power plants and facilities, and data processing rooms are designed for specific processes and environmental conditions that include proper temperature, humidity, air motion, air quality, and cleanliness. Air-borne contaminants generated must be collected and treated before being discharged from the building or returned to the area.

Many industrial processes release large amounts of heat and moisture to the environment resulting in larger air or water based HVAC systems that consumes large amount of electricity and natural gas, both in manufacturing and in the maintenance of building environmental conditions.

Most plants are provided with direct fired heating only fresh air units, roof exhaust fans, process exhaust fans, indoor circulating fans & unit heaters to maintain the satisfactory air quality & comfort levels within the facility. In absence of cooling process and in summer facility operation the make-up air units in entire plant supply untreated, humid and high temperature outdoor air directly into the plant, internal process heat gains and adjacent areas process heat impacts on plant critical areas resulting in much higher indoor temperatures (>38oC and reach to 49oC) which is above and beyond human standards, resulting in heat breaks to give relief to workers and to comply with worker safety standards, which leads to revenue losses. Associated production losses & losses due to missing deadlines with this heat break are extras.

Ventilation control alone may frequently be inadequate for meeting heat stress standards and maintain comfort conditions particularly during summer for industrial work areas. One way is to upgrade existing ventilation system by either adding DX based cooling system or hydronic chiller systems or provide new cooling system for entire plant which certainly not be economically feasible as a matter of fact in some occasions due to life safety issues it is not be feasible to add DX based system upstream of direct fired gas burner (explosion issues). The overall conventional system is demonstrated in pictorial view for better understanding:

Conventional HVAC System


Conventional HVAC system energies can be saved and environmental impact can be reduced with our:

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