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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Energy & Power

Buildings of the World consumes 40% of the World’s Energy and Account for 70% of Carbon Emissions.

Bringing content and expertise in the pivotal areas such as Energy & Power that shape today's business landscape.

The environmental and energy challenges throughout the world are numerous and complex. Most individuals, commercial & industrial companies, municipalities and governments are now on the sustainability bandwagon to provide solutions to our energy & power problems. With the shrinking natural resource pool, the demand for alternative energy & power solutions are growing sky-high. Coupled with it is the rapid growth rate of economies among the developing countries of the world and unrealistic rise in world population which is already exceeded 7billion. The growing demand for more power and energy have led to more utilization of natural resources and consequently putting more pressure on the natural store house of non-renewable resources including fossil fuels like –coal and petroleum.

Effective energy solutions are the need of the day. ABS Group's research, specialized information, valuations and modeling solutions help planners, builders, architects, engineers and technical professionals in the real estate, power and clean energy communities analyze risks and optimize asset performance.

ABS Group's experience extends to many energy & power technologies including Geothermal & Solar. Solar power window is one of the best ways among alternative energy sources to compensate the power requirement. If properly utilized, geo-thermal energy also holds a vast potential unlike other energy solutions fulfilling most of the energy requirements.

We provide a unique resource in Alternate Energy & Power solutions to meet our client needs. Our solutions has been proven in the field.