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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace



ABS Group business premise is based on realization that as the cost of energy increases, more and more parties will be looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and ultimately improve their bottom line. ABS Group, therefore, offers GEO-FUNDINGTM solutions to its clients that solves renewable energy adoption problem.

Geothermal systems typically require significantly more capital to install than conventional HVAC systems, but incur significantly lower operating costs once installed. ABS Group has established funding center in North America WITH the WORLD LEADING renewable ENERGY ASSET DEVELOPER to provide funding solutions for small to large-scale GEOTHERMAL ENERGY PROJECTS and to provide these projects with the best possible funding solutions and combinations for the customers and investors.

In addition as a full service renewable energy group, we optimize the building’s overall energy performance and costs by analyzing the energy needs of the building and professionally engineering a geothermal or hybrid geothermal system to provide 100% of the heating, cooling and some or all of the domestic hot water.

ABS Group is a unique energy service group, set itself apart in the marketplace with the following attributes:

  • Professional business approach – Consultation with Client’s.

  • Premium grade service.

  • Energy industry knowledge and affiliation.

  • Strong relationship with lenders to provide strong financial support.

  • Geothermal Systems knowledge and experience – commercial and multi-residential Professional Engineering depth – integration of geothermal & solar systems design with building conventional mechanical & electrical systems

  • Professional construction project management experience

  • Strategic partners with extensive field experience, including a team of the great contractors and best sub-trades in industry includes loop installers, drillers, mechanical/electrical installer)

  • Turnkey solutions – end to end design, construction and financing

  • Flexibility – outright sale or long term Energy Supply Agreement (ESA)