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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace


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We are among the leading companies in the world, providing spot cooling & heating solutions using geothermal system for industries.

While many Engineering firms can produce good conventional designs for industrial buildings, ABS Group is one of the few firms with the skillset and experience to deliver cost effective, energy efficient, environmentally clean and safe Industrial space conditioning solutions using geothermal Technology. Our innovation blends the two approaches into one system efficiently.

As we all know that the industrial plants normally have high ceiling (40 feet to 60 feet)….heat and cool the entire workspace doesn’t make sense…. Spot cooling is the answer….The principle is to create a curtain of air that is cooler or warmer than the stagnate air around the worker by placing insulated aluminum tubes in the direction of worker.

We Can Assist You and Your Team?

ABS experts can sit with your Plant Managers and Accountants to have high level discussion. Cool the Worker, Not the Workspace.

Delivering Spot Cooling/Heating solutions require a:

- new method of design,

- new approach to technologies, and a

- new set of services.

Each "Spot Cooling & Heating" system AND Geothermal field design is unique and tailored to meet the needs of the Client while ensuring optimum system efficiency, sustainability and most importantly occupant comfort.