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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Genuine Success

OUR TOP MOST PRIORITY - Protect the Planet for Generations to Come. We are proud to put our Green Innovation to Work.

ABS leading team of experts are dedicate to the success of our people, our community & future generation by providing elegant solution & indispensable advice from concept to start-up to every complicated engineering, energy and environment problems. Many engineering firms claim to be pioneered in Green technologies – in fact few have actually hands on experience and completed the project with pioneered innovative Green technologies and we are proud to be listed among those companies, as Engineering, Energy & Environmental Solutions provider, ABS Group is the exception after all.

Proud receipient of 2011- Canadian Geoexchange Coalition (CGC)Top Prestigious Geothermal Excellence Award – Ontario Region.

This is just a beginning of our contribution towards Greener Tomorrow. A Lot of work need to be done!


This is the essence of ABS, and it is what makes us unique compared with others. While much has changed over that period, this is the common denominator that unifies our organization – the promise to provide our clients with the technical information, tools and operational and advisory services necessary to help them make critical business decisions, maximize their core business processes, improve productivity without increasing their environmental footprint. And we will continue expanding our offerings further to include knowledge-based solutions and industry insight that provide strategic benefit to our clients.

Since establishment, our efforts contribute to a safer, better and more sustainable built environment. We have helped clients harness the power of Engineering & Energy to improve their business results through: