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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Together we can make a difference!

With our Strong Track Record, ABS stands on a firm foundation as a leading provider of Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Products and Engineering Solutions & Systems with true Return On Investment ((ROI) in Transportation, Industry and Real Estate Sectors globally

OUR TOP MOST PIORITY - Protect the Planet for Generations to Come.

ABS Group is the exception after all. We bear a responsibility to our Clients, our Planet, our Employees & our Society at large. We strongly believe that we have a duty to the Generations that will come after us. Our goal is to provide Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Products & Engineering Solutions that will protect the Planet Climate, the Environment & Finite Natural Resources.


We believe that our long-term economic prosperity depends on our ability to preserve and improve the quality of life and health of the environment globally. The principles of Eco-friendly Environment, New Urbanism, Smart growth, green building and sustainable community design are all essential elements of our offering to create a dynamic environment where kids, residents, employees, neighbouring businesses and the broader community will interact in a healthy and safe environment. Our Corporates specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Engineering Solutions, Systems and Products to a global marketplace by using an array of engineering, computer and scientist capabilities exclusively dedicated:

  • to deliver fuel savings technologies which increase the fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions;
  • to deliver energy & power solutions to solve energy & power adoption problem globally;
  • to promote sustainability agenda to create high Performance green buildings and greener economy which improves the quality of life and health of environment globally and;
  • to handle all aspects and phases of projects from feasibility and conceptual analysis through to design, engineering, installation & commissioning.

We are eager to put the innovation to work to help world build a greener economy. Our services bringing attention and most importantly our technologies provide solutions to the present and future environmental and energy issues facing the health of our planet and the people it supports. With our technologies and solutions, the entire building energy demand will successfully maintain while improving occupants’ comfort. Some of our solutions completely eliminate the use of natural gas which significantly reduces the associated greenhouse gas emissions which naturally fit in line with Client philosophy of being leader in Green Buildings.

Our number of Cutting-edge systems, products & technologies making our projects the showcase model of Unprecedented Eco-Friendly Design which are bringing carbon reduction technologies to the forefront of public attention in an innovative application and influencing the building design in Canada and worldwide.


Since our establishments, our efforts contributed to a safer, better and more sustainable built environment...... We have assisted many clients harness the power of sustainability to improve their business results. We will continue expanding our offerings and our partnerships with industry leaders, government bodies, public and private corporations. These relationships are strengthening our presence, and helping pave the way for our technologies expansion in Industry, Real Estate and Transportation Sectors.

We always place client interest first, build strong and long-lasting relationships. Sustain and develop a robust and a comprehensible platform that provides complete, unique blend of knowledge, experience and skills, end-to-end solutions to each and every clients and their stakeholders and allows them to access a wide range of services & solutions as and when they need it.

Our involvement helps clients save money, reduce risk, save time and achieve designs with higher levels of performance overall.


We support culture that promotes, commercialize and democratize innovative sustainable solutions. Excellence achieved with extensive experience. Our leading experts have unmatched knowledge and expertise in engineering, consulting, design, construction, business, financial, and operational areas.

Teamwork is paramount in delivering and meeting our clients’ objectives, day in, and day out. We believe our job is not only to ensure that we continue to live up to the standards we have set, but also to advance our awareness of our client needs to even higher levels.

Certainly ABS Group is improving the quality of life and health of the environment globally. After all sustainable development is the goal of everything we do!

Our number of Cutting-edge systems, products & technologies make any project a model of Unprecedented Eco-Friendly Design.

The Proof is in our Projects