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Spot Cooling / Heating

Spot Cooling / Heating

We provide solutions to high temperature problems in plants. Our cost effective GEOSPOT & REALSPOT solutions are based on either Spot cooling or combination of multiple systems. Spot cooling is recommended for the workplace which is located near a source of radiation heat that cannot be entirely controlled by radiation shielding.

Spot solutions focused on worker to minimize the heat stress levels cause by high radiation source or process, rather than to control the environment of entire plant which most of the time is not cost effective due to high ceilings (>30 feet).

How Spot Solution Works?

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The spot solution and system is an innovative & unique system which operates differently from conventional HVAC system. This System uses an approach whereby the new breed of air handlers (Low Air Volume) connected to insulated piping system which can deliver maximum cooling and heating via insulated small high velocity duct system including 2" branch supply tubing that carries high velocity, reduce volumes of conditioned air to be delivered directly to the factory worker. The system as a whole is much quieter than a typical furnace or air handler and duct system that you find in a regular industrial space.

Due to lower volume of air, our spot solution provides 30% more humidity removal with the superior & efficient design of the cooling coils, creating a comfortable environment, over traditional HVAC systems of same size.

Our GEOSPOT and REALSPOT solutions INVOLVES Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Stress Analysis, Air conditioning & Refrigeration analysis. Certainly our proven solutions and system limits the plant indoor space air temperatures below plant threshold limit of 38 Humidex. Threshold limit is subjected to plant operation.

Our solutions can eliminate these


We are offering solutions based on proven geothermal technology with following features:


Energy Efficient

Environmentally Friendly

and Energy Efficient System.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,

The Geoexchange Systems are "The most energy efficient, environmentally clean, safe and cost effective space conditioning system available today".

Our solutions uses Geothermal Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES) scheme that is not only save energy but most importantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Using BTES system for both heating and cooling results in:

Our cost effective solutions are affordable and fit best with geothermal system to heat or cool and provide comfort conditions in the plant to prevents revenue losses, reduce the natural gas fossil fuel consumption that plant would otherwise use to heat the fresh air, helps in reducing client environmental foot print & reduce operating cost from day one when compare to Ontario Building Code (OBC) based facility which will be having either Direct Expansion (DX) air cooling system or Chiller based hydronic cooling system.

Solution 1:

Application: Large Industries

Our energy efficient solution consists of Primary System & Secondary System.

Primary System includes bore hole thermal energy storage (BTES) field located outdoor adjacent to the Plant, central water to water heat pumps, thermal fluid (mixture of water & antifreeze solution), circulating pumps, piping, insulation & controls located in a relatively smaller mechanical room. Also, in Primary System, if needed, the existing ventilation system need to be upgraded by adding cooling coils sections to suit 50% of the air volume which will serve as heating coils too in winter to temper fresh air.

Secondary system which is a part of Primary System include air based hydronic fan coil units to provide SPOT COOLING to temperature sensitive areas located in the plant such as containment welding booths etc., where this system act as a buffer. The SPOT COOLING principle is to create a curtain of air that is cooler or warmer than stagnate air around the worker by placing 2” insulated aluminum tubes in the direction of worker.


Cost Savings:Compared with Conventional systems, this system will eliminate the costly conventional equipment such as Makeup Air unit, Chiller, Cooling Tower etc. In addition BTES scheme can cover the same energy requirements with fewer energy wells, at a closer spacing, thereby saving on investment costs.

One Time - Government Incentives:With our solutions client may be entitled for Utility incentives (Hydro One, Union Gas, Enbridge etc.), OPA grants and savings from CCA 43.2 capital cash allowance.

Savings From Day 1:Low maintenance cost and higher operating cost savings.

Solution 2:

Application: Small Industries / Commercial / Residential

Our energy efficient solution consists of Spot Cooling and heating hydronic fan coil units using Geothermal bore hole thermal energy storage (BTES) field located outdoor adjacent to the building.


Our energy efficient solution consists of DX-Spot Cooling units using efficient outdoor roof mounted air cooled condensing unit. The heating is provided with either electrical heating, hydronic heating and steam heating.

The SPOT COOLING principle is to create a curtain of air that is cooler or warmer than stagnate air around the worker or people by placing 2” insulated aluminum tubes in the direction of worker/people.