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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace


9,500 square feet molding plant where client was going to use 90 tons of conventional system, actually ended up using only 16 tons of Spot Solution, huge cost savings.

Provide cool, comfortable, fresh air to your employees without having to air condition your entire facility.

Heat-related illnesses depend on many workplace factors in addition to air temperature and humidity. Wind speed or air movement, work load, radiant heat sources and a person's physical condition are also important. According to ASHRAE, the Spot cooling is recommended for the workplaces which are located near a source of radiation heat that cannot be entirely controlled by radiation shielding or Chilled beam solutions.

ABS ESCO Inc., is offering easy to install, easy to afford & easy to control REALSPOT solutions. Our solutions mostly focused on worker to minimize the heat stress levels cause by high radiation source or process, rather than control entire space temperature of the plant.


Indoor Spot System - The indoor spot system is an innovative & unique system which operates differently from conventional HVAC system. This System uses an approach whereby the new breed of air handlers (Low Air Volume) connected to insulated piping system which can deliver maximum cooling and heating via insulated small high velocity duct system including 2" branch supply tubing that carries high velocity, reduce volumes of conditioned air to be delivered directly to the factory worker. The system as a whole is much quieter than a typical furnace or air handler and duct system that you find in a regular industrial space. Due to lower volume of air, our spot solution provides 30% more humidity removal with the superior & efficient design of the cooling coils, creating a comfortable environment, over traditional HVAC systems of same size.

Spot INDOOR UNITS eliminate the need to air condition an entire factory space. It also eliminates the need for costly and space-wasting cool rooms. And, although Spot Solutions offers a permanent solution, it's highly adaptable and flexible. It can easily be reconfigured as workers move within their stations or as the production line is modified.

Outdoor Unit - Direct Expansion self- contained outdoor air to water heat pump (WHP) connected with indoor unit through insulated piping system. The outdoor unit produces either chilled or warm thermal fluid that will circulate using circulating pump located within the WHP body through indoor units to maintain comfort conditions. The supplement heating can be provided with either electrical heating, hydronic heating or steam heating. Outdoor unit can mount on floor or roof and can operate safely where ambient air temperature in winter is above -10oC.

With Spot solutions you are only limited by your imagination as to the different solutions to your heating and cooling needs.From marine to athletic complexes to transportation, our system fits where most conventional systems won’t.