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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Why Work With ABS Group?

With our rich history, our vision, mission and values, and the diversity of our leaders, employees and clients, ABS stands on a firm foundation as a leading provider of CARBON EMISSIONS REDUCTION TECHNOLOGIES and SOLUTIONS in the global market and economy.


We are the only Group of Firms from entire Ontario who Wins 2011-Canadian Geoexchange Coalition (CGC) Prestigious Excellence & Leadership Award.

More Testimonials…… What our clients says !

ABS Leading Eco-Friendly Group of Companies has a depth of industry knowledge. Sustainability is central to our ongoing success. At ABS our mission is to simplify, commercialize and democratize sustainable & environmentally solutions.

ABS Group leaders have decades of experience & have full understanding of CARBON EMISSIONS REDUCTION TECHNOLOGIES & SOLUTIONS. Since the time of its establishment, ABS developed, designed & engineered many notable and state of the art projects in REAL ESTATE SECTOR. We have provided innovative solutions to reduce the energy, water consumption and the environmental impact of buildings, resulting in first class reputation not only in the geothermal sector but also in high performance green buildings sector too. Geothermal technology is growing in Canada & ABS Group of Companies is among the leaders in promoting this industry.

Our Leaders have knowledge & more than 25 years of Building Science & Industry Experience & have to their credit the most successful projects in the World.


We at ABS recognize the importance of delivering quality services to meeting client’s requirements, and therefore strive to continuously maintain a highly motivated, experienced and skilled team. Teamwork is paramount in delivering and meeting our clients’ objectives, day in, and day out. At ABS we are excited about the future and what it holds for our company. One reason we are confident about our future is our people. The colleagues who drive ABS are the reason for our progress to date and they will be the reason for our success in the future. We believe ABS to be an exceptional company -- a company of people proud of the work they do and the solutions they provide. It is a company defined by the character and integrity of its people. We believe our job is not only to ensure that we continue to live up to the standards we have set, but also to advance our awareness of our client’s needs to even higher levels.

Team of experts to delivering quality services to meeting client’s challenges includes:

  • • Water Efficiency
  • • Professional Engineer
  • • Certified Energy Manager
  • • Certified Green Building Engineer
  • • Certified Demand Side Management Professional
  • • LEED Accredited Professional
  • • Geothermal Accredited Professional
  • • Field Inspector
  • • Certified Draftsman
  • • IT specialist
  • • Administrative Professional
  • • Business Administration Consultant.


We want to make it easy for our clients everywhere to make smart, more sustainable out of the box decisions. As such, the companies is offering complete range of CARBON EMISSION REDUCTION SOLUTIONS, geothermal, utility model based financing to support geothermal projects, Integrated Piping System (IPS), IPSgeo, Greensleeves geothermal optimization software, Diesel fuel saving product, engineering services, sustainable design, building simulation & analysis, building integration management, environmental air quality, energy management, LEED, Design Build and smart property solutions.

ABS has earned a reputation for timely, high-quality service and solutions in cost-effective manner using innovative and current technologies to reducing energy consumption rates of buildings and processes and most importantly client’s environmental footprint.

Our services bringing attention and most importantly the CARBON EMISSION REDUCTION SOLUTIONS to the present and future environmental and energy issues facing the health of our planet and the people it supports.

We're dedicated to and humbled by the opportunity to provide clients with solutions that will help them to solve some of the most pressing global challenges of the 21st century.