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Geothermal - The Buried Treasure!

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For almost a century, Williams has manufactured quality HVAC products for a wide range of applications. Air Force One-United State of America uses Williams Fan coil units.We at ABS ESCO represents Williams IPS™- Fan coil product line which are UL & CSA approved and in full compliance with municipality & local codes requirements.

What is Integrated Piping System (IPS):

IPSTM is a TWO in ONE mechanical system uses domestic water as thermal refrigerant which provides dual function – Domestic water for personal use and Space heating & cooling. The core of IPSTM & its energy efficiency is central plant advantage, Williams IPS fan coils & TWO IN ONE distribution piping system where every gallon of water used by the resident saves energy.

IPS concept serving industry since late 90's since then it has been installed in over 130 projects in the United States and Canada (Alberta / British Columbia) from Salt Lake City, Utah to Edmonton, which is where it started.

IPS system works on ONE Central Heating & Cooling Plant which uses domestic hot and cold water risers (ONE Piping Distribution System) to provide heating and cooling for space by using domestic water compatible fan coils as HVAC fixture and the domestic hot/cold water distribution to suite plumbing fixtures via PEX tubing embedded in concrete slab resulting in complete elimination of central HVAC heating system such as natural gas boilers, pumps, piping, controls etc.; reduces the number of pipes of HVAC cooling system; require relatively smaller mechanical room etc., ultimately reduces the total number of pipes, labor, equipment & space which in the end reduces overall cost of the project with higher system efficiencies - $2000.00 to $3000.00 per suite or $2 per sq.ft to $3 per sq.ft on a typical high rise buildings.

IPS - Central Plant:

IPS central heating and cooling system could be efficient chiller, condensing boiler, biomass plant, geothermal system with central water to water heat pumps, air source outdoor heat pumps, solar etc……

What is IPSgeo:

Advanced & Innovative version of “TWO IN ONE” IPS system is IPSgeo, which uses GEOTHERMAL Central system to enhance system efficiency by combining the domestic water piping system for dual functions; domestic hot water for personal use and space heating & cooling. The geothermal field will only provide space heating and cooling. It can be sized to offset domestic heating loads.

IPSgeo - Central Plant:

IPSgeo central plant will consists of geothermal field, water to water heat pumps (WWHP), chilled water loop, hot water loop, domestic cold water loop, domestic hot water loop, double wall heat exchangers, expansion tanks, main circulating pumps with piping, valves & accessories.

IPS & IPSgeo Efficiencies:

IPS is 60% more efficient than Window packaged terminal units (PTAC) and 20% to 40% more efficient than 2-pipe hydronic, water source heat pump or variable direct expansion systems because of superior energy efficiency, heat recovery & economizer free cooling.

Reduce, Recycle & Reuse.

IPSgeo is 10% to 15% more efficient than IPS, as the system uses efficient geothermal field along with efficient water to water heat pump.