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The ComforTRAC"!
Totally Variable Fan Coil

Variable Fan Coil –
Proportional Control Valve

Variable performance value at a fixed performance cost!

The TRACvalve™ variable fan coil is a budget-friendly, cost-efficient approach to increasing comfort through control of leaving air temperature (LAT). TRACvalve™ continuously adjusts to the design LAT, allowing it to maintain a high Delta-T across the coil. Variable hydronic flow reacts to room and system changes, reducing GPM per lower load demand. Demand-controlled variable hydronic flow means horsepower required by the system’s central pumps is reduced and, by metering overall demand, central plant efficiency can be improved by up to 40%.

Fan Coil Selection Simplified

With TRACvalve™, you get a high performance coil with a matching TRACvalve™ proportional control valve. The unit’s high-latent, low-flow coil design provides ample reserve capacity, enabling the unit to satisfy the demand of the room and it’s occupants with the lowest possible flow. This reserve capacity ensures the most efficient demand on the central plant during both heating and cooli.

Plus, with TRACvalve™ there’s no need to specify multiple model types and sizes. Simply select the model, CFM and blower type you prefer. Since TRACvalve™ has the ability to satisfy a range of performance requirements, unit model and size throughout your building remains the same, simplifying the selection process and installation for the contractor along with management and maintenance for facilities personnel.

TRACvalve™ Features

  • TRACvalve™, 130 PSI close
  • Self-cleaning with LAT sensor
  • Rangeability 300:1
  • Pressure independence
  • Self-balancing

The TRACvalve™ variable fan coil is a budget-friendly, cost efficient approach to increasing comfort through leaving air temperature control.

Williams TRACvalve™ comes with stainless Steel Ball and Stem with IPS Fan Coils.