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The ComforTRAC"!
Totally Variable Fan Coil

Supreme comfort through optimum control.

For premium comfort control of your environment while maximizing energy efficiency, look no further than the ComforTRAC"! totally variable fan coil from Williams. With its customized components and innovative digital control, the ComforTRAC"! totally variable fan coil matches real time variable load in virtually any indoor environment for the ultimate in space conditioning. And since moving BTUs in water is a superior method to moving them in air, the result is a higher level of comfort with lower system costs and greater energy efficiency.

The ComforTRAC"! totally variable fan coil is the demand-controlled fan coil, offering variable CFM, GPM, LAT and dehumidification. Ideal applications include classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, dorms, suites, common areas or any space where discriminating occupant demand for comfort is required.

ComforTRACTM Advantages

System performance is demand-controlled

ComforTRAC"! matches the heating and cooling load in any climate.

Energy consumption is also demand-controlled

The variable load is continuously monitored and matched as needed. This allows the ComforTRAC"! unit to “sip” capacity from the chiller system or boiler far more efficiently than conventional systems.

Open Protocol-compatible

ComforTRAC"! can easily be incorporated into building automation systems (BAS). BTL certified BACNet.

Coil design minimizes flow requirements and increases design Delta T

This reduces pipe size and the associated sizing of mains and central system components.

Leaving air temperature control (LAT)

LAT delivers comfort and quick response at the unit. The unit is continuously re-commissioning itself to the real time space and system variations.

Self-balancing and self-cleaning capabilities

Eliminate flow control devices, strainers and test ports, reducing both capital and operating expense.

Variable R-718 (water)

Safe enough to drink! And, much simpler to manage and maintain

ComforTRAC™ utilizes a high latent low flow coil design that minimizes energy use at all times during both the heating and cooling cycles

Unpresidented Eco-Friendly Design

eco-friendly SCHOOLS

eco-friendly HEALTHCARE

eco-friendly CAMPUSES

Demand-driven performance
simplifies everything.

The ComforTRAC"! totally variable fan coil matches real time variable load, providing quiet, comfortable and consistent heating and cooling. In doing so, the unit continuously monitors the room’s leaving air temperature (or LAT) and adjusts according to the set point of the room. As a result, demand is satisfied very effectively and efficiently, reducing the requirement of the central plant significantly. In fact, Btuh demand can be reduced as much as 30-50% while up to 80% less horsepower is required to operate pumps when compared to traditional terminal systems.

ComforTRAC"! utilizes a high-latent, low-flow coil design that minimizes energy use at all times during both the heating and cooling cycles. The coil is selected per requirements, but operates based on demand of the space and its occupants, delivering “design day” capability at the lowest flow possible. As flow varies with capacity in response to demand, a higher delta T is maintained. Further, since operation is driven by demand, unit models and sizes are the same, simplifying the selection process and installation for the contractor along with management and maintenance for facilities personnel.

In addition to customized coil design, ComforTRAC"! employs Williams’ patented TRACvalve"! proportional control valves, ensuring that design LAT is delivered in balanced response to both the space and central plant variables. It’s important to note that fieldsupplied modulating valves on fan coils will not throttle flow properly at non-design day loads because of the variations in coils supplied. Williams matches the coil performance range with the characterized-port TRACvalve"!.

Finally, system performance is managed by the unit’s digital controller with proprietary ComforTRAC"! logic. The controller programs variable capacity based on set point difference to the actual room temperature and humidity, combined with how quickly the space is being conditioned. The result is a high level of comfort at a very affordable cost.

ComforTRAC™ Features

1. Digital Controller

ComforTRAC™ Logic Programmed variable capacity based on setpoint difference to actual room temperature and humidity combined with how quickly the space is being conditioned. Greatest comfort at the lowest cost.

2. TRACvalve™

  • Proportional 2-way control valve
  • Characterized-port ball type
  • Intergral LAT sensor
  • Infinitely variable 20-100%
  • Self-balancing
  • Self-cleaning
  • Maintains Delta T

3. IAQ

  • Individual control
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Reduced drafts and stratification
  • Less “ON-OFF” cycling
  • Multiple air changes
  • Increased efficiency options to MERV 13

4. BDC Motor / Blower

  • Infinitely variable 25-100%
  • Slow ramp rate
  • Low RPM wheel
  • Required CFM at variable ESP
  • 50% reduction in motor watts
  • Quieter operation

5. Williams Custom Coil Design

  • Totally variable capacity
  • Low Flow
    • Smaller pumps and pipe required
    • Reduced demand 30-40%
    • Pump HP reduction to 80%
  • Higher latent means humidity control
  • Positive dehumidification
  • Greater comfort and control

6. NetSensor

  • Temperature
  • Setpoint
  • Humidity

Demand-driven control
means significant savings!

ComforTRAC"! reduces demand of the central plant and hydronic pumps

The ComforTRAC"! totally variable fan coil, with high capacity coil and proportional valve control logic, offers continuous variable control by satisfying demand at the point where optimum comfort meets peak energy efficiency. As a result, demand of the central plant is reduced by up to 40% while the pump horsepower requirement can drop by as much as 80%.

Once required to identify components in the field, Williams now offers a factory-matched, factory-tested solution. Since CFM, GPM, and LAT are all variable with ComforTRAC"!, the control logic seeks the lowest possible solution to comfort based on both space and system variables.