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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

The Technology

Staying on the forefront of cutting edge solutions for a global market; we deliver Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies.

The current technology with its patent-pending delivery method is centered around providing hydrogen-oxygen mixture (H2/O2), on demand through electrolysis, for internal combustion engines.

The benefits of this additive have been investigated by several researchers. Here are a few of the established findings by the scientific community [1];

  • • The flame speed of hydrogen is nine times faster than the flame speed of diesel. Burning diesel in the presence of hydrogen will result in overall faster and more complete combustion. This will result in higher peak pressure closer to the Top Dead Centre (TDC) and therefore will produce a higher effective pressure to do work.

  • • Even a small amount of H2/O2 injected into the air intake to enhance diesel combustion decreases the brake specific fuel consumption (bsfc) regardless of the level of load.

  • • The induction of H2/O2 contains oxygen; as a result, the increase in the air-fuel ratio improves the combustion resulting in lower fuel consumption and better efficiency.

  • • Hydrocarbons and CO2 are reduced, due to the absence of carbon in hydrogen fuel and also due to better combustion of diesel fuel with the aid of hydrogen which has a higher flame speed.

  • • Although CO values for neat diesel operation is relatively lower, by inducting H2/O2 into diesel the CO amount is further reduced.

The manufacturer has created partnerships to perfect a technology that would deliver on the promising findings with H2/O2 injection. Not only have they developed patent-pending technology, they have completed testing and have validated that their technology works.

Here are some of the features delivered through this technology.

  • • Patent-pending electrolysis system and ECM provides a reliable and adjustable delivery of H2/O2 concentrations. Not all engines are the same and having the optimal ratios and percentages provides increased benefits.

  • • The technology is scalable allowing use with Class 6-8 on-road vehicles and transition to applications with rail, marine and power generation.

  • • The technology is leading edge and provides solutions without drawing excessive power to perform the task.

  • • It is designed to work with OEM manufacturer`s and compliment technological improvements.

ABS GROUP: A global leader in Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies.