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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

The Product

The product is design to produce hydrogen gas on-demand by using an advance patented technology.

This gas production unit uses distilled water as a ‘Fuel’ that is added to an advance patented technology to produce clean plentiful gas for injection to the engine. After the gas is produced it is fed to special gas conditioning system that will separate out any moisture and send ‘dry’ gas to the output lines and onto the engine.

A large reservoir of water container with an easy fill cap for charging of the system. This reservoir of water has an automatic on-demand solenoid that allows the unit to top up its own tanks as water is used for the production of hydrogen. The reservoir is designed to handle a deep freeze should the system be stored in a cold climate and can return to full function after a short warm up. The rest of the unit is housed in a strong light weight aluminum cabinet. This is designed for all weather operation and can produce gas in the highs of summer and lows of winter.

The complete system runs directly from the vehicles power or for stationary engines using low power source providing for high electrical efficient and is off when the engine is off or the unit has an independent on-off switch on the cabinet should isolation be necessary.

The unit is further protected by a 30 amp fuse.

The unit produces on-demand hydrogen and oxygen for use onboard a transport vehicle and precludes the need to store dangerous quantities of compressed hydrogen gas onboard any moving vehicle.

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