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Qualifying Systems & Assets

Class 43.1/43.2-Qualifying Systems & Assets

The systems and assets that qualify under Class 43.1 are grouped into thirteen categories:

  • 1) Cogeneration and/or Specified Waste Fuelled Generation Systems
  • 2) Active Solar Heating Systems (incudes Geothermal)
  • 3) Small-Scale Hydroelectric Installations
  • 4) Heat Recovery Systems
  • 5) Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  • 6) Photovoltaic Electrical Generation Systems
  • 7) Geothermal Electrical Generation Systems
  • 8) Specified-Waste Fuelled Heat Production Equipment
  • 9) Fixed Location Fuel Cell Systems
  • 10) Expansion Engine Systems
  • 11) Systems to Produce Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion
  • 12) Systems to Convert Biomass into Bio-Oil
  • 13) District Energy Equipment

    What Assets Are Eligible?

    The capital cost of assets normally includes all costs associated with the acquisition and installation of the qualifying system, including:

  • - the purchase price of machinery and equipment;
  • - related costs for design, engineering and commissioning of the above that do not qualify as CRCE…… Figure 3;
  • - any legal, accounting, or other expenses relating to the acquisition of the property; and
  • - costs of other services required to make the system operational.

    Existing or used qualifying systems or equipment

    The capital cost of modifications and improvements to existing or used qualifying systems or equipment are also eligible, provided that:

  • - they increase the capacity or performance of the system/equipment, and are not merely a repair; and
  • - the resulting system continues to meet the conditions for qualification.

What Assets Are Not Eligible?

    The following assets are generally ineligible under the provisions of Class 43.1:

  • - Operating and capital spare parts and components inventoried in support of the qualifying system;
  • - Foundations and structures, except those associated with qualifying small-scale hydroelectric, photovoltaic and wind energy conversion systems;
  • - Electrical distribution systems;
  • - Electrical transmission systems, except those associated with qualifying small-scale hydroelectric, photovoltaic and wind energy conversion systems.