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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Planning Design & Modeling Services

Planning Design & Modeling

Professional Planning & Design are the backbone of any successful project and require multifaceted expertise of ABS Group and enables multidisciplinary collaboration with the design team.

With our experienced team, we will explore all of your options and uncover the important issues in the Preliminary Design Phase of your project which help you make wise decisions about:

  • Which renewable & clean energy system is best fit for the project
  • Cooling and/or heating system options
  • Sustainable & Green building technologies
  • Lower capital cost
  • Lower operating cost
  • System Life Cycle & Budgets
  • Selling energy to customers
  • Buying energy from others

ABS Group's leading reputation in building industry is based on its leading experts who have focused on building industry for nearly 20 years. Our clients have access to all of our experience.We can work in a variety of engineering roles, including:

  • Conceptual design engineer
  • Consulting Engineer
  • Part of Design/Bid/Build or other team
  • Owner's engineer in projects being delivered through Engineer/Procure/Construct, Design/Bid/Build or other procurement approaches
  • Final design, specifications and construction drawings and field supervision

Our leading experts applied 8 Consulting Steps to all projects and there stages to achieve & optimize high performance building design: