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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Our Experience

With our Strong Track Record, ABS stands on a firm foundation as a leading provider of Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Products and Engineering Solutions & Systems with true Return On Investment (ROI)

Cost effective Building futuristic and revolutionary services and technologies that we are offering will help in reducing the building operating costs ranges from 35% to 55%, with very little or no additional cost while improving productivity, reduce sickness, reduce our client environmental foot print and improving our planet health by either partially or completely eliminating the CO2 emissions from building energy generation systems to have “Carbon neutral buildings”.

Our involvement helps clients save money, reduce risk, save time and achieve designs with higher levels of performance overall.

ABS Group delivered reliable and cost-effective engineering & energy solutions in a timely manner & within practical economic realities. Our Leaders have knowledge, many decades of Building Science & Industry Experience, full understanding of Carbon Emission reduction technologies in Transportation, Industry and Real Estate Sectors & have to their credits the most successful projects in the World.

When you work with our engineering firms you will BENEFIT from OUR INNOVATIONS, OUR SERVICES & OUR EXPERIENCE.

ABS delivered several Carbon Neutral Buildings which means No (Zero) Back up Boilers or Chiller. Our Unique and Innovative geothermal solution using no (Zero) Fossil Fuel Green House Gas (GHG) Emitting Energy. Our broad experience with Energy efficient solutions includes:


  • Hybrid Geothermal

  • Thermal Energy Rejector

  • Thermal Energy Absorber

  • IPSgeo Systems

  • Integrated Piping System (IPS)

  • IPS Fan Coil

  • Design Build - Geothermal

  • Geothermal Projects Certification

  • Geothermal System Commissioning

  • Geothermal System Design & Modeling


  • Planning & Design

  • Industrial Buildings

  • CARBON NEUTRAL Buildings

  • Sustainable & Green Buildings

  • Energy & Power Consulting

  • Building Energy Simulation

  • LEED Certification

  • Engineering Consulting

  • Program Management

Sustainable & Green Building Solutions

  • Spot Cooling and Heating Solutions
  • Small Duct High Velocity System
  • Water Source Heat Pump System
  • Passive Cooling & Heating
  • Displacement & under floor distribution
  • Radiant heating and cooling
  • Energy Reclaim Systems
  • Energy Efficient Building Envelops
  • Thermal water, ice and rock storage systems
  • Waste water energy recovery systems
  • Building automation, measurement and controls
  • Energy efficient Lighting & Control Systems
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator System
  • Variable volume air & water Systems
  • Day lighting systems
  • Hybrid ventilation systems
  • Advanced heat recovery System
  • Green Building – LEED Certification
  • Variable refrigerant flow system
  • Central Heat Pumps Chiller
  • Lighting Retrofit / Redesign
  • Advanced Heating / Ventilating / Air Conditioning Systems
  • Integration between Advanced Building & Clean energy mechanical systems
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures, Water Urinals, Dual flush toilets, Composting

Renewable, Alternate & Clean Energy Solutions

  • Geothermal Energy for Heating & Cooling– Horizontal, Vertical, Lake, Pond, Slinky
  • Deep Lake Water Cooling
  • Earth Energy based HVAC and Service Water Heating Systems
  • Ground Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Air Based Solar Collectors with Heat Pumps
  • Earth Coupled Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar – PV, PV & Thermal, Only Thermal for building and domestic hot water heating

Building Energy Simulation & Optimization

  • Screening Calculations>
  • Detailed Building Dynamic Energy Simulations & Optimization
  • Building Envelope Thermal Performance Simulations & Optimization
  • Numerical Modeling Analysis by Finite Element Tool for Geothermal Simulation & Design Optimization.
  • Geothermal Modeling
  • Advanced Geothermal Modeling

Water Management

  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Grey & Black water harvesting
  • Storm water management

Other Energy & Engineering Services

  • District Energy Plant
  • Demand Side Management Initiatives
  • Demand Reduction Design/Strategies
  • Intelligent Building Design
  • Carbon Footprint & Greenhouse Gas
  • Assessment & Auditing

Financial Incentives

  • Government Incentive Programs
  • Financial Incentives Applications