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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Our Corporates

ABS Leading Eco-Friendly Group of Companies

ABS ESCO Inc., ABS Global Traders Inc., ABS GREEN Inc., ABS Advanced Buildings Solutions Inc.

Delivering Tomorrow’s Proven Carbon Emission Reduction Solutions – Today!

We are the only Group of Firms from entire Ontario who Wins 2011-Canadian Geoexchange Coalition (CGC) Prestigious Excellence & Leadership Award.

ABS-Leading Eco-Friendly Group of Companies day to day activities are primarily managed by Mr. Imran Majeed, who is the founder and Chief executive officer of the firms. Since establishment, the companies delivered cost effective, environmentally clean, energy efficient, sustainable & green CARBON EMISSION REDUCTION SOLUTIONS which reduces the environmental foot print, dependency on local utilities, create comfortable environment & high performance buildings that have enhanced the well-being of our people, our community & future generations to come.

We should promote Green Initiatives at any cost to preserve finite earth’s energy resources and to Protect the Planet for Generations to Come.

Mr. Imran Majeed,
CEO, ABS Group of Companies




Among leading companies in Canada that provides to its clients full range of unique, innovation, cost effective, safe & environmentally friendly geothermal technology based heating and cooling energy solutions & products to Real Estate, Industrial and Energy & Power sectors including:

Geothermal –Clean Energy Solutions:

  • • Geothermal Utility Model – Clean Energy Contract – Retrofits & New Builds

  • • Geothermal Design – Retrofits & New Builds

  • • Design Build Contract – Engineering, Procurement & Construction

  • • Turnkey-custom build geothermal systems – Retrofits & New Builds - We have the skills, ability, and experienced contractors to convert low performance existing facility located in dense urban cities into high performance building with our unique and turnkey-custom build geothermal systems that fits in client’s fiscal & environmental goals.

  • • Hybrid GeothermalTM
  • >> Geothermal ReservoirsTM
  • >> Thermal Energy RejectorTM
  • >> Thermal Energy AbsorberTM

  • • Geothermal Energy StationTM
  • • Geothermal Project Certification
  • • Geothermal System Commissioning
  • • IPSgeoTM – Real Estate Solution
  • • GEOSPOTTM – Industry Solution
  • • GreenSleeves Geothermal – Real Time Intelligent Energy Optimization Tool
  • • GeoClinic – Service, Inspection & Maintenance
  • • Geothermal Tax Incentives Assistance

Integrated Piping System (IPS) and IPS Fan Coils


ABS Global Traders Inc


Among leading companies in the World providing to transportation sector the full range of unique, innovation, cost effective, safe & environmentally friendly hydrogen technology based diesel fuel savings product with true Return On Investment (ROI).


ABS Green Inc.


ABS Green Inc., is one of the award winning corporate of ABS Group which specialized in energy & power, sustainability & green buildings and the environmental impact of building designs. We delivered carbon neutral buildings from energy perspective and now we are offering NetZero energy buildings design. Our involvement helps clients save money, reduce risk, save time and achieve designs with higher levels of performance overall.

Quick Facts:

  • • Full service Sustainable & Green Building consulting engineering firm
  • • Designs geothermal systems, that produce Zero (0) greenhouse gas emission, exclusively for ABS ESCO Inc.
  • • Conduct Building energy simulation & optimization engineering provide benchmark to embed energy efficiency in buildings by predicting their behavior under given climatic conditions & usage patterns.
  • • Provides for new and existing buildings custom water conservation strategies to achieve efficient water utilization and conservation these strategies includes designing for dual plumbing that recycles water in toilet flushing.
  • • Our experts audit existing facilities to inspect, survey and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building. Energy audits targets areas that are helpful in improving overall building performance by eliminating inefficient technologies.
  • • ABS Green Inc. leading experts provide services to help client to get benefit of financial incentive programs offered by Federal and Provincial authorities to promote high performance building.

ABS Advanced Buildings Solutions Inc.


Quick Facts:

  • • Full service Mechanical & Electrical consulting engineering firm.
  • • Prepare Bid / Construction documents & Professional Reports.
  • • Conduct building conditions surveys, peer review, feasibility studies & construction reviews.
  • • Assist clients, building owners, architects and consultants to integrate planning, design, permitting and construction related tasks to upgrades and replacement of Mechanical and Electrical systems.
  • • Works seamlessly with clients and utilizes the entire knowledge data base to serve tenant fit-out projects in Medical, commercial, restaurant & retail market sectors.