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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Our Advanced Geothermal Engineering & Modeling

When it comes to Geothermal, ABS as a leader offers the industry complete service and solution. Design is the critical first step in developing a cost effective Geothermal project and ABS experts are there to help you. We work closely with clients in order to fully understand their requirements and bring together our team of engineers, HVAC design engineers and geo exchange specialist to design the most suitable system for our client’s particular needs and requirements.

We are continuously implementing futuristic, revolutionary & eco-friendly building technologies, in order to make more efficient, environmentally friendly and price worthy use of energy in buildings. ABS simulation methodology is based on a combination of empirical validation, analytical verification and comparative analysis techniques.

We use sophisticated software ANSYS to perform geothermal modeling & simulation. Our R&D department is working to use high end software “ANSYS” to optimize the design of Geothermal field more accurately.

Actually, we are among the leading firm in the World that brings Life To Geothermal Design, Engineering & Analysis.

We believe systems engineering analysis leads to clear conclusion and finally conclusion leads to Cost effective and Energy Efficient Solutions.

Analysis also provides benchmark to compare with different design options through techno-economic analysis in order to optimize the system design.

Proud Recipient of The Canadian GeoExchange Coalition’s 5th Annual Prize for Excellence Award – Ontario Region