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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

IPS Engineering

ABS offers a design-assist program to serve engineers. We work closely with engineers on the front end by analyzing project to ensure our recommended system and product will meet project expectations, and in many cases deliver better long-term value than thought possible.

Our early involvement with every project helps in saving client’s money & time, reduce risk and achieve designs with higher levels of performance and with greater success.

Teamwork is paramount in delivering and meeting our clients’ objectives, day in and day out, and therefore, we maintain a highly motivated, experienced and skilled team. With our experienced team, we will explore all of your options and uncover the important issues in the Preliminary Design Phase of your project which help you make wise decisions about:

  • • Which IPS system is best fit for the project
  • • Cooling and/or heating system options
  • • Sustainable & Green building technologies Integration with IPS
  • • System Life Cycle & Budgets

ABS Group's leading reputation in building industry is based on its leading experts who have focused on building industry for nearly 20 years. Our clients have access to all of our experience.


At ABS, we want to make your job easier by offering everything right at your fingertips for easy access, viewing and download. Whether you need specifications, submittals, schematics, CAD details, manuals, design guidelines or even industry resource links, you can access it all right here through our web site.

All Products Catalog Horizontal Unit Catalog Vertical Stack Unit Catalogue Thermostat

IPS Fan Coil Specification

Mid / Low Rise High Rise Commercial Office Risers Central Plant with Geothermal

General Vancouver Case Study-Uponor


General OBC/CSA


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Other Design Resources

Commercial PEX Plumbing Engineering Quick- Reference Guide

PEX - Plumbing Design Assistance Manual (PDAM)

Useful Charts & Tables

PEX - Plumbing Pressure Loss Tables

Fixture Unit calculations & Copper - Plumbing Pressure Loss Tables

Suggested Equipment & Material Resources

Heat Exchanger

Pressure Booster Systems – Variable Speed Pressure Booster Systems – Application and Design

Vertical In-Line MultiStage 6800 Intelligent Variable Speed Booster Systems

Note:Local code requirements should be consulted and adhered to. ABS & Williams are not responsible for content or accuracy of the data provided and for final design approval.