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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Industry Solutions

We Can Assist You and Your Team?

ABS experts can sit with your Plant Managers and Accountants to have high level discussion.

We are among the leading companies in the world, providing spot cooling & heating solutions using geothermal system for industries.

While many Engineering firms can produce good conventional designs for industrial buildings, ABS Group is one of the few firms with the skillset and experience to deliver cost effective, energy efficient, environmentally clean and safe Industrial space conditioning solutions using geothermal Technology.

Each "Spot Cooling & Heating" system AND Geothermal field design is unique and tailored to meet the needs of the Client while ensuring optimum system efficiency, sustainability and most importantly occupant comfort.

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Our Solutions

For many years, plant managers & owners have struggled with the problem of how to adequately provide cooling with large conventional systems for their workers to insure peak production and a safe working environment. ABS offers Turnkey Solution which will provide cool, comfortable, treated air to employees without having to air-conditioning your entire facility.

Our Solutions include:

Our Spot Cooling & Heating Solutions

9,500 square feet molding plant where client was going to use 90 tons of conventional system, actually ended up using only 16 tons of Spot Solution, huge cost savings.

The use of our solution and product as industrial/Commercial spot cooling provides an effective and affordable solution to condition the air around your worker.

Example of GEOSPOT Solution

Huge Savings!

We have experience and knowledge to design Geothermal field which is 65% smaller in size than conventional geothermal field, huge savings resulting in Geothermal Investment that Pays 66% in Year 1 and 80% in Year 2. Overall system payback based on year 1 incentives is 4.8 years.



Geothermal – EPC Solution

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Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) contract

When it comes to ground-source heat exchangers, ABS offers the industry complete service. Under an Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) contract, ABS will design the installation, procure the necessary materials and construct it. Geothermal is our total focus; it is what we do. And, our sub-contractors have a proven track record of successful, on-time and on-budget projects to show for it.

ABS Group of Companies has the skills, ability and experience to convert low performance facility (Existing or New) into High performance building. We Offer:

Turnkey-Custom Build Geothermal Systems




Textile Industry Solutions

We are providing Green Affordable Solutions for Textile Industry:

- Weaving Department

- Spinning Department

- Warping Department


Federal Tax & Other Incentives Assistance

Canadian government offer generous incentives to businesses that upgrade to:

Geothermal Heating and Cooling systems

in new builds and retrofits.

With Federal Tax incentive and based on 30% Tax bracket $1 to $1.5 per sq.ft can be attainable in from of Tax savings in 4 years on geothermal system investment, once approved by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Provincial incentives such as “SaveonEnergy” program offered by Ontario Power Authority (OPA) will be a BONUS….. Huge Savings….

Geothermal Systems offer:

- Tax dollar Savings in just 4 years.

- CCA claim in just 4 years.

Expenses that qualify as CRCE such as engineering, legal, accounting, or other expenses relating to the acquisition of the geothermal assets and costs of other services required to make the system operational may be deducted in the year incurred, carried forward and deducted in future years, or renounced to investors through a flow through share agreement.

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Note: The column 3 shows the maximum CCA that may be deducted from the taxpayer's income to reduce the taxpayer's taxable income. If the taxpayer does not have enough income than the CCA deduction may be less and UCC may be larger each year than that shown. Under the declining balance method the deductions continue and can be carried forward.



How we can assist you?

We can only assist you or your clients in technical submissions along with forms needed to be submitted to NRCan:

Step 1: ABS can gather information, review or create appropriate documents such as drawings and other relevant information to establish overall geothermal system cost and anticipated Tax dollar savings

Step 2: ABS will prepare the technical submission, forms etc. in 1 to 2 WEEK time.

Step 3: Submit documents to NRCan on Client’s behalf to get NRCan opinion as to the eligibility of a geothermal system for inclusion in Class 43.1 or 43.2.

By Others:Client’s accountant shall submit written NRCan opinion along with other tax related matters to CRA as CRA is the final authority in this regard.