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Geothermal System Commissioning

As we all know Commissioning is quality control for buildings. A high performance system in a building requires that all systems are operating properly and efficiently. Geothermal System commissioning is extremely important to avoid any future leaks and to ensure that system will operate properly and efficiently.

Geothermal system is the only HVAC system that is buried and installed right under the building or in a space around the building. Once the system install, it is extremely difficult and costly to access the system and fix the problem.

Geothermal System commissioning is a quality assurance program intended to demonstrate the system is constructed well and performs as designed. If the Geothermal systems weren't installed properly or aren't operating as intended, the reliability and other benefits of high performance design will not be achieved. If commissioning reveals problems with design or construction, the responsible parties fix the problems up front instead of dealing with maintenance problems or poor performance down the road.

In many ways, commissioning is similar to a "test run" or "systems check." It tests, verifies, and fine-tunes the performance of systems so that the highest levels of performance are achieved.

System we covered includes:

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