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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Geothermal – Clean Energy Solutions

Geothermal - The Buried Treasure!

Clients prefer "green buildings" with lower operating costs and reduced exposure to future emission controls, carbon taxes and rising fuel costs. Geothermal heating and air conditioning significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions for the entire life time of the building.

Company’s business premise is based on realization that as the cost of energy increases, more and more parties will be looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and ultimately improve their bottom line. The Company, therefore, offers geothermal technology based solution to its clients that solves renewable energy adoption problem.

Our Geothermal Technology based Clean Energy Solutions include:

Geothermal Utility Model – Clean Energy Contract

Design Build Contract – Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Hybrid GeothermalTM

Geothermal ReservoirsTM

Thermal Energy RejectorTM

Thermal Energy AbsorberTM

Geothermal Energy StationTM

IPSgeoTM – Real Estate Solution

GEOSPOTTM – Industry Solution

Geothermal Project Certification

Geothermal System Commissioning

Geothermal Tax Incentives Assistance