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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Environmental Stewardship

Leading the way to a Greener Tomorrow...

As a leading ecofriendly group of companies, ABS manages all its business fields in a spirit of sustainable development. A responsible approach to the environment starts at the research and innovation stage. For all our technical progress, protection of climate and resources is vital – whether we are reducing fuel consumption of engines or building the world's most greener building or implementing futuristic and revolutionary technologies such as geothermal for the energy market.

OUR TOP MOST PIORITY - Protect the Planet for Generations to Come.

We offer the most comprehensive set of Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies in a global market place. ABS Group cornerstone is the ability to innovate and change, and will continue to face that challenge. Now our marketplace is expanding and we are offering Carbon Emission reduction technologies to Transportation sector too. ABS Group has always shown that if a certain market is lacking in technologies for whatever reason, ABS Group has the ability to shift gears and provide innovative solutions to that market.

With our Strong Track Record, ABS stands on a firm foundation as a leading provider of Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Products and Engineering Solutions & Systems with true Return On Investment (ROI) in Transportation, Industry and Real Estate Sectors globally that helps reducing our clients environmental foot print.

ABS has delivered Carbon Neutral Buildings in Real Estate sector. Our STATE OF THE ART, INNOVATIVE & UNIQUE Solutions admire Environment and helps to achieve “CARBON NEUTRAL STATUS” with respect to “OPERATING ENERGY” by reducing Energy Consumption and reducing Client’s Environmental Foot Print and Strengthen the bottom line. Our approach towards NETZERO buildings is to simply reduce building energy demands in first place or reduce to a point so that all of the remaining energy use can be supplied by clean and abundant renewable energy sources.

ABS Corporates are Proud Recipient of 2011 CGC Top Prestigious Excellence & Leadership Award

" Imran great news congratulation job well done your efforts in this regard only helps to further promote our complex.

Honorable Mayor Mr. Wayne Hurst, Town of Amherstburg
December 11, 2011."

Canadian Geothermal Coalition (CGC) published ABS and Mr. Majeed's name in December 7, 2011 press release and has published the full article of our award winning project "LEED Silver Complex - United Communities Credit Union Complex,3259 Meloche Side Road, Amherstburg, Ontario" in CGC GeoConnexion-Magazine to share our success and our environmental contribution with general public and motivate others to contribute to enhanced the well-being of our people, our community and generations to come.
Certainly, in Real Estate sector the projects designed by ABS are a real showcase of Environmental & Energy Excellence and is influencing the building design and more extensive use of renewable technologies, such as vertical, horizontal and/or combination of both geothermal energy based building heating and cooling systems.

We should promote Green Initiatives at any cost to preserve finite earth’s energy resources and to Protect the Planet for Generations to Come.

Imran Majeed,
CEO, ABS Group of Companies

Some Of Our Projects - We Have Delivered Environmental Performance