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Davies Smith Development

High Rise - MURB….

PEER Review by Us.

This project consist of one (1), new 16 stories high residential condominium tower of approximately 19,134 sq.m in gross area. Ground floor consist of retail spaces, lobby and common areas, 2nd to 16th floor have in total 210 residential suites with 17th floor include service rooms. The building includes two (2) levels of underground parking & outdoor parking. The approximate occupant load is around 369 persons.

Primarily the study focused in following areas:

1. Mechanical – HVAC, Plumbing,

Fire Protection, Building system Integration with Geothermal, Controls

2. Electrical – Power, Lighting, Fire Alarm,

Emergency Lighting

Any cost savings measures that was equal or exceeding the sum of $10,000.00 included in the study.

Taking into account of different cost savings measures related to mechanical and electrical systems to be implemented in this project may bring the total capital cost savings of approximately 4% of M/E budget - Impressive savings