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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

ABS bears a responsibility to our clients, our planet, employees and society at large. As a company which thinks and plans ahead, we also have a duty to the generations that will come after us. Protecting the climate and the environment and using resources sparingly are main goals of the Group.

Corporate Sustainability ABC

The environmental and energy challenges throughout the world are numerous and complex. Most individuals, commercial & industrial companies, municipalities and governments are now on the sustainability bandwagon to provide solutions to our energy problems. We all know that the Earth resources are finite and now, in a world where global warming, high energy prices, limited reserves of natural resources issues have migrated to the mainstream we are looking forward and asking:

What more can we do to help?

At ABS, Corporate Sustainability is to simplify, commercialize and democratize sustainable solutions. We are eager to put the innovation to work to help world build a greener economy. Sustainability is central to our ongoing success as companies and finally, helping our customers to solve the world’s most urgent environmental and energy challenges is what makes ABS an important Group. Our services bringing attention and most importantly the solutions to the present and future environmental and energy issues facing the health of our planet and the people it supports that have less impact on environment, profitable for our clients and healthy place for our constituents where they can live, work and play.>

We’re dedicated to and humbled by the opportunity to provide clients with services that will help them and their client to solve some of the most pressing global challenges of the 21st century.

Our Corporate Sustainability goals are:

  • 1. Strengthen our communities, People always come First.
  • 2. Protect the environment for Generations to Come.
  • 3. Protect Earth natural but finite valuable resources.
  • 4. Serve the best interest of all ABS clients, colleagues and employees.
  • 5. Support the long-term profitability of our company.

We should promote Green Initiatives at any cost to preserve finite earth’s energy resources and to protect the Planet for Generations to Come and that’s we will recognize as a Leader in Corporate Sustainability by 2015.”

Imran Majeed

The framework fro Corporate Sustainability at ABS is built upon Five pillars:

  • 1. Serve Communities in which we operate.
  • 2. Protect Environment
  • 3. Protect Earth Finite Resources
  • 4. Philanthropy
  • 5. Mutually Beneficial Relationship

To learn more about the Corporate Sustainability areas of focus please visit above links.