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Specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace

Appreciation Letters

September 23, 2011 Town of Amherstburg

We are equally proud that this facility will be a LEED Approved Silver Building that included many energy saving features that includes a geothermal field designed by Advanced Building Solutio

September 19, 2011 Michael Thomas Group.

I strongly recommend the ABS Group of Companies as a Professional Consulting group which understands not only the Construction Industry and their Client but also have a willingnees to beyond what has become “just good enough” in the Construction Industry.


I want to express my congratulations and my appreciation to Mr. Imran Majeed, who deserve the full notoriety of our Springdale Medical Office Project located at 2250 Bovaird Drive East, Brampton, Otario as he provided a high quality engineering consulting services in regards to energy efficiency, carbon neutral design, lower environmental foot print, geoexchange system design……..